Over the years, Kiser Group has assisted and counseled many clients from their start in real estate with a small building or two to a portfolio of significant assets. We take the time to understand and serve the business needs of each unique client in every transaction. We are tenacious in meeting our clients' goals and value our relationships. 

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How do I know if it’s the right time to buy?

As the most active broker of mid-market apartment properties in Chicagoland, Kiser Group monitors the pulse of the market constantly and carefully.  Kiser Group brokers analyze thousands of apartment deals and know what makes sense and what does not for a particular client.  We understand that timing can be critical to meeting a client’s goals, and we assist clients in determining whether to buy a certain asset at a given time.  Once a decision is made, our team works with our clients to navigate the entire acquisition process – from start to finish.

Do I need to have my lender lined up before I start looking?

A buyer does not need to have financing arranged before beginning the search process.  In fact, Kiser Group will work with clients to provide assistance in finding a variety of lenders that may have interest in the transaction and who can meet the buyer’s constraints.  Before an offer is made, however, a buyer should know how much they are going to put down on the property, how much needs to be financed, and what financing terms and interest rate will work for them.

How do I know I’m getting a good deal?

Kiser Group is Chicago’s most experienced commercial real estate firm. We have looked at thousands of Chicago properties and know them like no one else. Not only do we understand the sticks and bricks, but we understand the numbers - how a building operates, cash flow, financing, and return.  Kiser Group's analysis is detailed and comprehensive, with a close examination of expenses, potential revenue growth, and conversion costs down to trim and drywall.  With our track record and knowledge of the market and potential returns available, we help our clients assess each property carefully to determine whether the acquisition will meet their specific goals.

What can I do to make my offer attractive to a seller?

It is critical to offer a price you expect to close.  For an offer to have credibility, it must be based on the buyer’s review of the operations of the property and a physical tour of the property itself.  Without that, even a high offer will not be seen as reasonable. That said, the closer a buyer is to list price, the more attractive the offer will be to the seller.  If a buyer’s price is not going to be close to the list price, it is important to offer strong terms by avoiding unnecessary contingencies or mortgage conditions if they are not needed.  Buyers should also aim to keep the contingency period as short as possible and provide significant earnest money that becomes nonrefundable upon removal of contingencies. 

Kiser Group’s experienced team of brokers counsels clients throughout this process and works to ensure a buyer’s investment goals are met.

What is the benefit of working with a Kiser Group broker on the buy side?

Kiser Group has proven relationships with local, regional, and national buyers seeking investment opportunities in Chicago. We understand that a buyer’s goals and constraints vary, from small private investors to syndications to funds to institutional buyers, and we know how to assist each type of client.  Through our experience we also have had the opportunity to work closely with numerous lenders, attorneys, active appraisers, property managers, receivers, and environmental inspectors who can sometimes make or break a transaction. Having Kiser Group on your side increases your chance of success.  In fact, some of our largest clients are active real estate brokers themselves, but still choose Kiser Group representation.

  • Kiser Group remains a top trend setter in real estate values. Both buyer and seller can be assured that they will be represented, with their best interests as a top priority. A deal must be a win /win for the buyer and seller - Kiser Group has always made that happen for me, whether I am the seller or the buyer.

    -Barbara Bernsen
    Bernsen Management